The Law.

It’s been awhile since I discussed my career. You know, the law. And, I have to admit, I’m relunctant to do so today. But I get these nifty little updates from the ABA everyweek and today there were a couple of things I wanted to share and comment on.

First, this article. The link should have taken you to an article about the number of LSAT takers jumping 20% this year. To all you people who may have taken the LSAT this year, I have this to say, “Why? For the love of all that is holy and good in this world, why?”

And here’s why I say that: there is nothing good about law school. Nothing. Law school takes its toll emotionally, personally, socially, and intellectually. The only surefire cure I know for overflowing amounts of self confidence is law school. I repeat: Nothing is good about law school. If you have taken the LSAT this year, accept the $150 loss and do something that will not leave you a hollow husk of your former self after 3 years. 

After that harsh statement, I feel like I need to explain. I love the law and I’ve always loved my legal jobs. But I always loved school too. Until law school, that is. I don’t think that there is a way that I can convey  the heavy toll law school takes in a way that will truly make non-law school enrollees understand it. It is truly a harsh learning environment. And, I have come to realize, that you really need to be positive that you want to practice law before you go into that environment or you will have one very expensive regret on your hands.

So unless you want to be like this guy, just say no to law school. The article doesn’t specify why he was so unwilling to loss his laptop that he wrestled an armed robber to ground, but I think I’m safe in assuming that it was because his only copy of his class outlines were on that laptop. After suffering the devasting loss of a large section of my evidence outline a few semesters ago, I fully understand the willingness to protect your work product (and sole chance of getting an A) with your life.

Remember kids: Stay in School… just not in law school.


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