Meet the Robinson’s!

Hello. My name is Martha… and I’m an animated movie addict. 

I love them all! From Disney to Pixar to the less well known studios that I can’t even think of. Of course my favorites are Disney and Pixar… Finding Nemo, Mulan,The Incredibles, Ice Age, The Emperors New Groove. I could go on and on, but the point is that animated movies make me so happy! 
Right now I’m watching Meet the Robinson’s. I’ve been wanting to watch it for a few years now, but haven’t had the chance. Since I’ve been married my animated movie viewing is way down. For some reason, the Hubby thinks that there’s something wrong with people in their mid-twenties watching animated movies for fun. Weirdo Anyway, Meet the Robinson’s is on ABC Family and the Hubby is at work, so I’m having a great movie night all by myself! 
The night could, of course, be better. I think all the cold/flu germs floating around have finally breached my immune system. I have felt terrible all day today and most of yesterday. I even took a nap today! Hopefully, my day of deliberately doing nothing will allow my immune system to reboot and kill whatever is making me feel so terrible. Guess I’ll know for sure soon. 
And now back to animated movies. Here are two that you may not know about but should definitely seek out: (1) Balto and  (2) The Swan Princess. Trust me. These are absolutely hilarious! Which, btw, is why I LOVE animated movies so much: In almost every animated movie there is at least one character with a decidedly non-child oriented personality… and in a children’s movie that character goes from being moderately funny to hilarious! 
Meet the Robinson’s is calling me… enjoy!

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