I’m back!

You may have noticed that I’ve taken a break from blogging. There was no particular reason, I just haven’t been feeling it (and a lot of other things) lately. I think I solved the mystery of my apathy toward blogging (and life) last night…. I haven’t had much of a yoga practice lately.

I know it sounds like an easy and convenient explanation, but I think it’s the actual reason. I’ve been cutting back on things recently (Thanks crappy economy, low paying job, and student debt that exceeds my mortgage) and yoga classes have been one of the things that got cut. But after three weeks of attempting a home practice, I resigned myself to the truth: Home yoga practice and me are just not compatible in my current home.

After analyzing this for a while now, I think I’ve figured out why. First, my entire home is carpeted (which I and my allergies hate) and the soft slightly unstable surface is weird to practice on. And by weird I mean, so distracting I can’t focus on what I’m doing.

Second, the bear dogs. They love to be around me as much as possible. When I’m practicing yoga this means that they like to lie beside or on my mat. I’m told that it’s easy to practice yoga with or around your dogs. In fact, people are now calling this doga. I think whoever made up doga had a Chihuahua or had never actually done yoga with or around a dog. Because it is impossible to do yoga (or doga) with the bear dogs on each end of the mat or in the middle of the mat or laid out lengthwise on the mat. When there was just one bear dog, I could fool her by rolling out the spare mat for her to lay on while I was practicing. But now that there are two, that doesn’t work anymore.

Third, distractions abound in my house. Whether it’s the hubby yelling up the stairs to ask the location of some mundane household item that he uses on a daily basis or the bear dogs whining outside the door because I locked them out to get some peace, there’s something about practicing at home that leaves my more tense after than before I began.

So, I’m back to the studio. And after attending three classes in the last 5 days, I’m beginning to feel more like myself again. And I’m beginning to realize that yoga is a necessity for me and now has a permanent place in my monthly budget. I think I can cut out my thrice weekly starbucks runs and monthly shoe allowances to make room for yoga.

Oh… there is another reason I haven’t been blogging that much. My camera is still MIA! There are so many things I want to capture and share with you all…. and I can’t. So. If you or someone you know is planning to give me a Christmas gift or a congrats-you-passed-the-bar gift, give the gift of photography. Tell all your friends.


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