Am I a 95 year old woman?

If you’ll recall, I had a realization a few months ago that I have been a student forever. You’ll probably also remember my P.B.D. Well, I realized not that long ago that I may be suffering from BWS (busy-ness withdrawal syndrome).

See, I’ve been busy most of my life. School, work, hobbies, extra-circular activities, etc. Now that I’m FINALLY finished with school, I have none of that. I work and I come home. It’s been very difficult for me to find things to occupy my time from 4:30 pm until bed time. So, I’ve found a few new hobbies. I’ve joined a book club, started baking bread, began jogging/walking with my dogs for very long distances, taken to cleaning my house slightly obsessively, and started knitting.

It occurs to me that I may be doing to many things, that maybe I should just relax and enjoy the time spent doing nothing. But I can’t. I’m not sure if that’s bad or just me… one thing I do know is that I need to work on getting some age appropriate hobbies. Seriously, baking bread and knitting?!? How did this happen? When did I get old?


3 thoughts on “Am I a 95 year old woman?

  1. You could always have a kid… there is no downtime.Wake up. Take G. to nanny. Go to work. Work late. Pick G. up from nanny on way home. Maybe stop at grocery store with G. Get home and read books/play with G.Maybe eat dinner (if time permits, usually just standing and creating a leftover meal – why SSW's blog makes me uber-jealous!).Put G. to bed.Drink alcohol.Go to bed.* The above schedule is occasionally modified if I see M. ** My abbreviation scheme means I have spent too much time blogging with SSW. At least I can pronounce 'schedule' again.

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