It’s coming!

Tomorrow is bar result day.

I’m sure you remember the dream I had before the bar exam. If not here’s a quick recap. I was the only person in the state of Kentucky who failed. And here’s the worst part of that dream. The part that I didn’t blog about before. In that dream, because I was the only person who failed, instead of announcing all the people who passed the bar examiners just put my name on the internets as having failed. Looking back that was actually a pretty funny dream. Of course at the time, it was a harbinger of doom .But now it’s kinda funny.

Well, Sunday night I had yet another I-failed-the-bar dream. And this one was worse. I dreamed that it was Friday (aka tommorrow!) and the list of numbers that passed had just been posted. I scanned down the list for my number and didn’t find it. In my dream, I kept trying to rationalize why it wasn’t there and none of the rationalizations were the actual reasons. They hadn’t listed the numbers by table or row number; they hadn’t only posted a few at a time, there wasn’t some sort of computer glitch that made them skip my number… All in all, it was a terrible dream and when I woke up on Monday morning, I panicked for a minute and then remembered it was Monday.

But tomorrow is Friday. And Friday, October 9, is bar result day. Hopefully it won’t be a nightmare and when I wake up on Saturday morning, I’ll think I’m waking from a happy happy dream!


One thought on “It’s coming!

  1. You will pass! I have alternating dreams–in one I pass, but then I wake up and realize it was just a dream; in the other I fail and face misery and ridicule from family and friends. Not sure which one I hate more. I am thinking tonight I just won't sleep, which will avoid the dreams altogether.

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