Am I a 95 year old woman?

If you’ll recall, I had a realization a few months ago that I have been a student forever. You’ll probably also remember my P.B.D. Well, I realized not that long ago that I may be suffering from BWS (busy-ness withdrawal syndrome).

See, I’ve been busy most of my life. School, work, hobbies, extra-circular activities, etc. Now that I’m FINALLY finished with school, I have none of that. I work and I come home. It’s been very difficult for me to find things to occupy my time from 4:30 pm until bed time. So, I’ve found a few new hobbies. I’ve joined a book club, started baking bread, began jogging/walking with my dogs for very long distances, taken to cleaning my house slightly obsessively, and started knitting.

It occurs to me that I may be doing to many things, that maybe I should just relax and enjoy the time spent doing nothing. But I can’t. I’m not sure if that’s bad or just me… one thing I do know is that I need to work on getting some age appropriate hobbies. Seriously, baking bread and knitting?!? How did this happen? When did I get old?


In case you hadn’t noticed…

I haven’t written about yoga in a while. No real reason; I just haven’t been feeling very yoga-ish lately. That’s not to say that I have completely stopped yoga-ing, but I have, apparently, stopped blogging about it.

So, I am officially accepting suggestions for new blog titles. Let the commenting begin.

An Addendum

I receieved this via email yesterday

July 2009 Bar Results Information
The July 2009 Kentucky Bar Examination results were released on Friday, October 8, 2009. Because all applicants (except one) passed the July 2009 bar exam, we will not be posting a list.

Instead, MARTHA KEEP GUESSING MY TRUE IDENTITY did not pass the bar exam. Ms. NO NAME, you may reapply.

Official results were also mailed to all applicants on October 8, 2009 to the last known address in the Office of Bar Admissions’ records.
Applicants, please allow sufficient time to receive your official results in the mail. If you have not received your results within one week after the release date, send a written request to the Office of Bar Admissions either by mail, fax or e-mail with your current address and your results will be re-sent to you.

This was sent to me by my “friend” Peter over at The Kaintuckeen. What a clever way to exploit my nightmares. Admittedly, I did laugh once the initial shock wore off, but the point is this: Not Cool, Peter. Not Cool.


It’s Bar Result Day. Yikes!

Right now I still have no word on whether I passed or not….

But here’s how this is going to go:

If I mention passing in the next post, then congrats are very welcome.

 If I mention drinking excessively and doing shots of some sort of liquor in the next post, I did not pass and you should never mention the bar or anything related to the law ever again.

Got it? Good.

Those of you who are not also waiting for bar results have a great Friday! Those of you who are waiting for bar results, well, try to make the best of it!

It’s coming!

Tomorrow is bar result day.

I’m sure you remember the dream I had before the bar exam. If not here’s a quick recap. I was the only person in the state of Kentucky who failed. And here’s the worst part of that dream. The part that I didn’t blog about before. In that dream, because I was the only person who failed, instead of announcing all the people who passed the bar examiners just put my name on the internets as having failed. Looking back that was actually a pretty funny dream. Of course at the time, it was a harbinger of doom .But now it’s kinda funny.

Well, Sunday night I had yet another I-failed-the-bar dream. And this one was worse. I dreamed that it was Friday (aka tommorrow!) and the list of numbers that passed had just been posted. I scanned down the list for my number and didn’t find it. In my dream, I kept trying to rationalize why it wasn’t there and none of the rationalizations were the actual reasons. They hadn’t listed the numbers by table or row number; they hadn’t only posted a few at a time, there wasn’t some sort of computer glitch that made them skip my number… All in all, it was a terrible dream and when I woke up on Monday morning, I panicked for a minute and then remembered it was Monday.

But tomorrow is Friday. And Friday, October 9, is bar result day. Hopefully it won’t be a nightmare and when I wake up on Saturday morning, I’ll think I’m waking from a happy happy dream!

What I’ve been reading lately

The last few weeks have been an amazing time. I’ve been reading. Fiction. For fun. At one time in my life this was the norm. But then law school intervened and I started reading court cases for school. Not fun.

Now that law school is nothing but a dark chapter in my past, I’m rediscovering my love of reading. I’m currently reading Les Miserables. Of course, Les Miserables is a little heavy, and I mean that on two levels–it’s a little heavy intellectually and a LOT heavy in weight, so I’m also reading The Blind Assassin. Unfortunately, I tend to forget The Blind Assassin at work, so when I was the library on Saturday, I picked up a few more books. One of them The Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy, I started and finished on Sunday. It was billed as a modern Pride and Prejudice. I can’t really say anything about that other than, if Pride and Prejudice was a trashy romance novel, then this is indeed a modern day Pride and Prejudice. It wasn’t a bad book, but it certainly wasn’t good either.

You may find this hard to believe, but I’m actually reading yet another book. Origins of the Specious: Myths and Misconceptions of the English Language. I have not-so-secretly always loved speculating about the origin of words and phrases. When I was in college (as an English major, for all those who didn’t know that) one of the required classes was English Grammar. I wasn’t that excited about this class because I strongly suspected that it was going be a LOT of sentence diagramming and the like. Lucky for me, the proffessor I took was actually more into linguistics than grammar. So my English Grammar class was actually more of an intro to linguistics class and I LOVED it. This book Origins of the Specious is a lot like that class. It’s full of explanations for words, why some grammar rules exists, how English evolved as a language. In other words, its all the things that my dork-inner-academic drools over. 

If you’re interested in what I’m reading these days, I’ll try to update the blog periodically, but I also have a goodreads profile that I update fairly often. I don’t always have the best  taste in books.  You know how there’s a group of people who love craptastic TV? Well, I’m one of those people who like craptastic fiction. So I may not always reccommend books that are good literature, but I’ll always reccomend something fun!

And here’s todays fun recommendation–the Twilight series! It’s not well written, espouses anti-feminist values, and has improbable-even-for-fantasy-plot twists. But it’s actually a pretty good romance-but-not-sex based-novel (especially the first) and they are all tons of fun!

Hope I have helped you pick something to read… Enjoy!