The Bear Dogs Strike Again!!

So this picture is a picture of two of my favorite pairs of shoes. While I was picking up out nice local organic vegetables from my CSA yesterday, the bear dogs attacked those helpless pieces of leather. As you can see the blue ones on the left sustained the heaviest damage. It’s not all that clear, but the tip is chewed off one of them and the heel leather is chewed off the heel of the other. As for the other pair, the heels were tragicially chewed almost completly off.

I’m sad to report that there is no help for these poor soles. They have been consigned to their final resting spot: My trash can.

A moment of silence please.

Ok… now I’m sure that you also noticed the bare spot in the carpet on which the dearly departed rest. That is my living room carpet and the bear dogs’ first victim.

It’s tragic, really.

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3 thoughts on “The Bear Dogs Strike Again!!

  1. I have ample amounts of forgiveness and patient… and that quickly ran out when I came home to find that two more pairs of soles had met their doom today. Rain + bear dogs = disaster.

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