The Return of the Hamstrings of Steel

You may remember that I have hamstrings of steel. Throughout the summer, this problem was working itself out. I was so stressed because of the bar study (literally worst summer ever) that I went to yoga class pretty much every day. Sooo over the summer the hamstrings of steel were very gradually becoming hamstrings of aluminum. But over the last few weeks, I’ve been neglecting my yoga. And I started running. Here’s what I’ve learned: sporadic yoga + running = hamstrings of diamond coated steel.

That’s right.

Diamond coated steel.

After only a few weeks of less than diligent yoga practice and a couple of weeks of daily running, the hamstrings of steel have returned with a vengeance. I was aware of this, but I wasn’t fully aware of the severity of the problem until tonight.

Tonight I went to beginners yoga. I normally don’t go to that class anymore because I feel like I’m confusing the actual beginners when I do things that are more advanced. But today I was having some sinus/allergy issues and felt the need to take it easy on the yoga front. So, I went to beginners yoga, which had a substitute tonight who was teaching her first class ever (it went great btw), and that’s when I was rudely awakened to the resurrection of the hamstrings of steel.

 Normally, when I go to the beginners class it makes me feel really good about myself. I know that I should be focused on myself, but seeing beginners really makes me realize how far I’ve come in my practice. Tonight… not so much. Things were fine until we began doing such tortuous poses as half-butterfly and staff pose. That’s when I noticed, from my strained yet completely upright position, that I was the only person who was not even remotely folding forward. Even the moderately overweight 60 year old lady who was there for the first time was comfortably folding forward.

So I ask… wtf? Why are my hamstrings the most tense part of my body at all times? I have tried literally everything that I can to loosen up my hamstrings… I know I have to accept this about my body and move on, but I really feel like there has to be some way for me to comfortably do forward folds, or just sit upright with my legs extended, at some point in my life.



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