Dog Tea Parties and Other Tales from the Bar Exam

After reuniting with my friends (and society in general ) on Monday, we began comparing stories of our bar induced craziness. My friends had some pretty ridiculous stories. In no particular order and with no names, these are some things that have been going on. One friend, while desperate for interaction with another being, tried to annoy her cat. Another friend chased away a pizza guy when her bi-polar nature led her to begin sobbing after realizing that her roommate didn’t leave a tip for the poor pizza guy. Yet another friend is now a suspected of being a check forger by Chase Bank after attempting to cash a (legitimate) post-dated check from her mother and then, after being denied, changing the date and trying again.

Now those are some pretty hilarious stories. But all agreed that, my “crazy” story beat them all. Ready?

I had a tea party for my dogs.

I think that I probably won the crazy-bar-lady prize because that’s how I phrased it and then everyone, including me, was laughing too hard to actually continue the story. But here it is:

One day after approximately 13 hours of study, I glanced across my patio table and saw by dog sitting in the extra patio chair. I assume this is because, unlike normal dogs, she apparently despises just laying on the patio or the dirt around the patio (I almost said the flower bed around the patio, but that would be way too much of an exaggeration). Anyway, as I stared into space in the bear dog’s general direction I realized that I hadn’t taken my coffee cup inside (keep in mind that it actually hadn’t been empty all that long due to my staggering intake of coffee) and that the way she was sitting and the location of the cup made it appear that she was the one drinking the coffee. I’m not sure if this was actually funny or if the fact that I had been studying contracts for so long that I could no longer even tell it there was an offer or acceptance or whether goods or services were being bargained for made this funny, but I started laughing so hard that the husband ran from the house to the patio. I stopped laughing hard enough to explain why I was laughing and asked for a camera (you know, to capture the hilarious moment forever). When he came back with the camera he also had a tea pot and a honey jar (which didn’t actually make it into the picture).

The funniest thing about the dog tea party is that I’m not actually the person who set up the dog tea party or even the person whose idea it was to have the dog tea party. That was all the husband. I guess he had second-hand-bar-crazy.

You might be wondering why I’m posing with a fruit basket. That’s because when my friend Janet came to pick me up so we could carpool to the bar, she mentioned that her mom and her roommate made her a care package full of homemade goodies and diet cokes. I thought that that was so thoughtful that the husband had to show me that he too made me a care package. It was our fruit basket. I want you to look closely at its contents: two nearly black bananas, one green pepper, one tomato, and a lone hershey’s kiss. From Christmas. Best. Care-Package. Ever. Really, I loved it! It made me laugh harder than anything since the dog tea party.

Moral of these stories: The bar exam sucks and makes everyone involved do crazy things. So, sorry to all my friends and family who caught the brunt of my less funny craziness. Thanks for putting up with me!


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