Gresstly? Struilty? Gresuilty?

Those are some of the names I’ve come up with for that terrible emotion stressed-guilty I described yesterday. I got several facebook messages from my fellow tormented souls (i.e. bar exam studiers) saying that they too know this horrid feeling. So. I decided it needed a name. Let me know what you think. Because I clearly have nothing better to do then make up names for strange emotions.


That reminds me of another point. I finally fixed the commenting issue. So now you can actually let me know what you think about things. I also added a sort of poll at the end of each post so you can let me know if I’m at all interesting to you. And I know that people are actually reading this (thanks everyone for curing my insecurity via facebook), so I expect some feedback!

One more point, before I spend the rest of the day reviewing torts, commercial paper, and secured transactions. After violating my friend The Kaintuckeean’s privacy the other day, I decided that I too would set up a google alert for my name. And these are the “alerts” I’ve gotten so far: a fishing boat in Martha’s Vineyard has the same name as me and some lady is looking for information about a marriage between me and her great great great grandfather that occurred sometime in the 19th century. I suppose I should be excited that there’s nothing negative out there about me, but, to be honest, I’m a little upset that there’s at all out there about me. Makes me wonder, is no one saying anything because they have nothing good to say?


4 thoughts on “Gresstly? Struilty? Gresuilty?

  1. Oh…and my word is PAINGST.A combination of pain and angst.Pain is defined as cause emotional anguish or make miserable.Angst is defined as an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety.

  2. I like Paingst… but its not really the same feeling as stress-guilt. It's a valid emotion for now, just not the one I'm talking about. Oh and the reactions was available in comment settings I think.

  3. If you change it to guilt-stress, as opposed to stress-guilt, you could just call it "guess". Too obvious, though? Anywho, it stinks and I am now suffering from it for reading blogs.

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