Why I do what I do

Yesterday, I got a facebook message from an old friend from high school. She was wishing me luck on the bar (which she just took and passed in February! Yay, Erin!) and just letting me know that she reads this blog! Every day! Having spent the entire time this blog has been in existence thinking that no one but Peter and occasionally the husband read this blog, she made my entire day!

I would like to think that the excitement from this came from the fact that I’d been doing practice questions and studying constitutional law all day, but in all honesty, I would have been excited anyway. It’s fun to think that people care about what you have to say or think that you’re interesting! Especially when you’re not all that interesting. 🙂

After Erin’s facebook message, I started thinking about all the people I know who have taken the bar. And I realized I don’t know anyone who has failed it. Which makes me feel better. I know people do fail it, but I’m not personally aware of anyone, so maybe that means that I’m in the clear too? Or maybe I’ll be in the 4% of graduates from my law school who do fail, but who I apparently don’t know? I prefer to think the former…. Although… I know I have to stop second guessing myself, but still…


Enough of that.

I went to a yoga class last night. The regular teacher for that class is currently at a yoga retreat in Mexico. Which means that we have a substitute. I don’t mind. I like her, she’s tough. I’m fairly certain last night was the first time I’ve ever broken a sweat in a beginner’s class.

Going to yoga while studying for the bar, is a difficult thing to do. See, here’s the problem. Studying makes me stressed. Yoga relieves the stress. But, and this is a big BUT, not studying makes me feel stressed-guilty (this is a very unique emotion that I believe is only known to students in competitive educational programs). Therefore leaving behind my BarBri books for a little relaxation, actually adds to the stress. But I make myself do it everyday. And here’s why:

Husband: Are you going to yoga tonight?

Me (said begrudgingly from behind a large book containing all of American law): Maybe. I don’t know. Why?

Husband: I was going to make dinner.

Me (disinterestedly): that’s nice.

Husband: I think you should go to yoga first though.

Me (a little suspicious, but mostly engrossed in the Equal Protection Clause): Why?

Husband: I don’t know. You’re just so much more…

Me (offhandedly): relaxed?

Husband: No. You’re just so much nicer after yoga.

That’s not a made up conversation. It actually happened a few days ago. And since then I’ve made time for yoga everyday. And, you know what? I actually am nicer.


4 thoughts on “Why I do what I do

  1. by the way, I wasn't the anonymous person at 5:43. But I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one complaining about it.I was gonna suggest this pop-out option. HOORAY!! Expect comments!

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