Our First Honorable Mention!

Last nights’ post was referenced and linked by the Kaintuckeean!

That’s the very first time that I been mentioned by another blog or linked anywhere. Other than my own facebook page of course. Pretty exciting stuff! Especially if the Kaintuckeean has as many readers as I do.

Speaking of last nights’ post, it caused quiet a stir. Or for those of you not familiar with that phrase it got a lot of attention. First of all from my husband, who I have forced to start reading my blog, he was so overwhelmed with gratitude because of my apologies and expressions of thankfulness, that he couldn’t even comment on it. Although it wasn’t obvious from his reaction (saying “awwww that’s sweet” and immediately going back to a sports blog), I think he was touched to be thanked by such a widely publicized, highly read author.

But beyond that, it also got the attention of the Kaintuckeean. Apparently, our friends over at the Kaintuckeean value their privacy and would prefer their readers and mine (and the rest of the world that’s technologically saavy enough to google names) not know their full names. Shortly after posting my open letter, I received advance notice of a court complaint to be filed against me for what was phrased as intentionally destroying anonymity (or something along those lines). In my bar induced insanity, I immediately started laughing. But, after further reflection, it’s still pretty funny and I believe the correct cause of action would be the tort of public disclosure of private facts. That being said, the complaint was, of course, the Kaintuckeean’s subtle way of telling me to edit the post and was not an actual to be filed complaint. So no harm done, to either of us (as I only have two readers), the point of all this is… Again to the Kaintuckeean, I’m sorry. My bad. Mea Culpa. Le ruego me disculpe. Pardon moi, pour révélateur t’identité.


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