Not my Usual Fare

While taking a study break, and, yes, I actually have been studying today, I came accross this article. It’s an article about how flight attendants on the former Northwest Airlines have brought a greivance against Delta Airlines due to the size of their Richard Tyler designed uniforms. Having always been interested in company policies that require workers to be a certain dress size, hieght, or weight, I clicked on the article. About 3 lines into it, I discovered that the issue isn’t that Delta is forcing all its flight attendants to wear size 2 dresses or weigh 110 pounds.

The issue is that Delta does not provide this specific uniform in anything larger than a size  Apparently Delta provides all its other uniforms in sizes up to 28.  And now, the union has filed a grievance, even though no one has actually complained, and claims that Delta is engaging in what is essentially “size” discrimination because not only are these “sexier” uniforms not available in larger sizes but that these particular uniforms are actually cut smaller than the size tag indicates.

Now, my initial reaction to this was, Really? And I have to say that’s still my reaction. There’s an obesity epidemic in this country and this, in my mind, just illustrates how bad it has gotten. Shouldn’t this union be advocating for the health of their employees?

Anyone else have thoughts on this?


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