Summertime Yoga

Yoga is hot in the summer. Really hot.

So, I bought a pair of yoga shorts a couple of days ago. I was initially a little apprehensive about going out in public in them. I put them on and suddenly my thighs looked about 12 inches wider. After I looked in the mirror, I was very tempted to take them off and take them back. But the fact that it was about 90 degrees and 90% humidity made me rethink that decision. Okay. Really I rethought the decision because I broke a sweat standing there. I finally made it out of the house and to class. I spent the first few poses wondering if everyone was staring at me, but then I started relaxing. And before I knew it, it was time for savasna and I wasn’t dripping with sweat.

Bottom line: Yoga shorts are the best idea of all time.


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