Life After Law School

Post law-school life is not as awesome as expected. Don’t get the wrong idea, it’s pretty fun just not the totally cool orgy of awesomeness that was expected. Mostly I’ve just been doing things around my house. We moved into this house at the beginning of my second year and I never had time to organize everything. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last month or so. We took two trunk-loads of stuff to goodwill and I have tons of clothes to sell. I had no idea we even had so much stuff…

Anyway, my bar review class just started. It’s pretty intense. And boring. But necessary. If I hadn’t paid for the class, I know I wouldn’t study for the bar at all until about 2 weeks before test day. As it is, I’m trying to force myself to study despite the fact that all I really want to do is everything but study.

I’ve been getting back into the yoga habit too. I went to my first class in over a month last week. The thing that I like best about yoga is that it forces your mind to focus without any real effort to do so on your own part. For me, doing yoga is a little like taking a shower. And I’m not saying that in an effort to arouse the more purient of your senses. What I mean is that when I do yoga, I’m outwardly focusing on what my body is doing and it’s so routine that my mind wanders without me knowing that it is… and so, just like in the shower, I end up having some great ideas and truly enlightening thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Life After Law School

  1. Dear Martha,As an attorney who has been practicing for over ten years, and a yoga lover for the past three, I think you will find the same ability to "effortlessly focus" in your practice. Good luck on your bar exam, try not to let up on your yoga practice during your studying. You will need it now more than ever!!

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