Life After Law School

Post law-school life is not as awesome as expected. Don’t get the wrong idea, it’s pretty fun just not the totally cool orgy of awesomeness that was expected. Mostly I’ve just been doing things around my house. We moved into this house at the beginning of my second year and I never had time to organize everything. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last month or so. We took two trunk-loads of stuff to goodwill and I have tons of clothes to sell. I had no idea we even had so much stuff…

Anyway, my bar review class just started. It’s pretty intense. And boring. But necessary. If I hadn’t paid for the class, I know I wouldn’t study for the bar at all until about 2 weeks before test day. As it is, I’m trying to force myself to study despite the fact that all I really want to do is everything but study.

I’ve been getting back into the yoga habit too. I went to my first class in over a month last week. The thing that I like best about yoga is that it forces your mind to focus without any real effort to do so on your own part. For me, doing yoga is a little like taking a shower. And I’m not saying that in an effort to arouse the more purient of your senses. What I mean is that when I do yoga, I’m outwardly focusing on what my body is doing and it’s so routine that my mind wanders without me knowing that it is… and so, just like in the shower, I end up having some great ideas and truly enlightening thoughts.


I may be graduating Friday

I say “may be” because I still have one requirement to finish before I actually graduate. My seminar paper. The same one that I was working no-so-diligently on in March. Well, my less than focused approach to the drafting of this paper has left me doing the first revision of it since I turned in my draft over a month ago, now. Two days before graduation. Two days before its due. And, by the way, I just noticed a HUGE flaw in the argument. Nice. So. Bottom line, I won’t be sleeping much between now and Friday.

Oh. Did I mention that the seminar paper is the ONLY requirement other than first year classes that my law school requires for graduation? Well it is. You would think I would be more concerned about the fact that this isn’t completely finished and ready for a final read through. But I’m really only slightly concerned. Apparently at this point in my law school career I have become relatively unconcerned about my work product. Weird.

So, people, for those of you who aren’t in the legal field, this is what law school is actually like. There are no highbrow discussions of legal concepts and positing of hypotheticals that would never actually happen. Well, sometimes we do those kinds of things, but not sober normally and not so much highbrow. 🙂 There’s really only this: three years of hard work and confusion and at the end there is such complete apathy and exhaustion that not even the prospect of graduation and entering the job force (to pay off those tens of thousands of dollars of debt, we’re all in) can bring a smile or a modicom of excitment.

But that’s a terribly depressing way to end this post and only really captures about 95% of how I’m feeling today. This is the rest: I’m grateful. Even though I have zero drive to finish this paper and the rest of law school seems like an experiment in hazing gone terribly terribly wrong, I’m grateful for the experience. Law school taught me a little about the law and a lot about myself. And, now, I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to experience it all.

But I guess that’s how hazing works, isn’t it?