Busy Little Bee, that’s me!

Well… It’s been a busy few days. And, I think, it’s going to be a busy month or so.

Let’s see. In the next 5 days, I have one presentation to give, one motion in limine to write, one pretrial conference to attend, one yoga and tea workshop to enjoy, and three job interviews. All but the first two are exciting to me. My three interviews are later this week. I’ll give an update about them later, but they’re all for judicial clerkships which is what I’m looking for for my first “grown up” job outside of law school.

The yoga and tea workshop is tomorrow afternoon. Basically, we’re going to do some yoga, taste some teas, and talk about how they can complement each other. I think some interesting stories should come of this. My mom, who I think has NEVER done yoga, will be attending. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are also going to attend. Neither of them are really into yoga either. Well, by into yoga I mean, do it on a regular basis. My mother-in-law and I did some yoga last weekend. It was slightly less entertaining than doing it with my husband. I wised-up that time and looked my bear cubs in a bedroom. We thought it would be fine to leave her dust bunny dogs out (she has a maltese and a yorkie, so compared to the bear cubs, they’re dust bunnies). We were wrong. While dust bunnies can’t cause the sheer pain of bear cubs, they are slightly annoying and amazing persistent. And they can jump like 50 times higher than their actual height. I think the maltese may have bit my mother in law’s ear lobe while she was in Tadasena.

But I digress… its been a very busy week, day, month, whatever. Today I tried to do a full yoga class at my house. Didn’t work out. I was stressed and everything kept distracting me. Plus, it was a new one from yogadownload.com and the goal for the practice was to focus on metta (a sense of wellbeing/well wishes to the world). I don’t know why, but for some reason I was not feeling metta-ish today. Apparently I did not want to wish anyone well, I was prety misanthropic today. What made it nearly impossible for me to do that practice though, was that there was almost no warm up before moving directly into down-dog and forward bends. As I have the hamstrings of steel, this made for a very difficult and uncomfortable practice. I actually only made it about 20 minutes before I decided to give it a rest. I was not even enjoying it.

Oh well. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a much more yogic day for me.


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