Post Number One

Very inspiring title, I know. But this truly is my first blog ever. I’ve pretty much spent most of the time I’ve ever thought about blogs ridiculing them and the people who write them. If that describes your feelings about blogs too, we can be friends. Because I’m feeling pretty foolish as I write this. 🙂

So you may be wondering, if I have such dislike for blogs and bloggers, why did I start my own blog? Good question. I don’t really have a great answer for it. This morning as I was sitting at my laptop, writing page 12 of my 25 page Education Law seminar paper, I felt the need to stop being productive and start reflecting on my life. So that’s why I decided to start this.

The title of this blog: Life. Yoga. Law. pretty much describes me. For the last 3 years I’ve been a law student. Assuming I get this paper finished, that will all be done in May. I started doing yoga in high school. I realized a month or so ago that that was about eight years ago. About a month ago, I decided to start a daily yoga practice again. I started going to yoga classes at a great little studio and I feel like my quality of life has improved so much. And life, well life is what I love. Sometimes I might not seem that grateful to be here on the planet. And frankly, sometimes life sucks. I spend most of my time studying, going to class, and working. And those things are not always fun and a lot of the time, I feel trapped. But. And that’s a big BUT. I try to remember that it could be worse. And it is a lot worse for some people. So, even though, I may not get to spend that much time with my husband, or my parents, or my sister, and my niece is growing up without really knowing me, I’m blessed to have the opportunities that I have.

So that’s what this blog is all about. My life, which might not always be that interesting, but will probably be depressingly funny. What can I say? Ridiculous things happen to me (this is a fact I realized not long ago as I was dangling off my balcony after locking myself out of my house). Yoga. My practice specifically and all the trials, tribulations, and breakthroughs I have on my mat. To give you a taste, last night I somehow pulled a muscle in my ass and meditation gives me motion sickness. And finally, law. It’s going to me by career (assuming I graduate, pass the bar, and become gainfully employed). I’m not going to be giving legal advice or anything like that. No, this will be more like observations on my life as a lawyer. Everything from overcoming my horrible fear of public speaking to how I am completely inept at stapling papers together.

So, it’s time for me to get back to my paper about how federal educational privacy law is actually not protective of student privacy at all. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, ’cause I know no one is going to enjoy this seminar paper!


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